The Bluewater Giving Tree – presents for our children

We’ve once again been chosen as one of the charities to benefit from the Bluewater Giving Tree, run by Global Radio.
It’s a wonderful idea, with people being able to support a charity whilst shopping at the centre.

What to do
The idea is that you choose a label from the giant tree – a boy or girl and their age, you go off to shop for a present for the value of your choice and you bring it back to the tree.
The presents are then given to us in time for our families’ Christmas party on December 15th to wrap – so that every child who comes, has a lovely gift to take home.
Emily Yates, our Children and Families Assessor, said: “It’s such a lovely thing, to see how many people think of others at Christmas. And for the children who get a present, they absolutely love it!
“Christmas is often very hard for children when someone they love has died but our Christmas party and getting a present gives them a few hours of fun to look forward to and enjoy.
“Last year, we had so many wonderful presents donated – thank you in advance for all those we receive this year!”

Of you’d like to donate, the tree is outside M&S on the Upper Mall.

Find out more about the tree at Heart Kent