Shop with us this Christmas!

The Christmas countdown has begun – and if you’re looking for some quick, feel-good, charity-related purchases, take a look at how you can support us!
Buy for yourself, family, friends, colleagues or clients – your gift will continue to give all year round, to help us support bereaved children.

Here’s how you can shop with us this Christmas!

Buy a book
Stay Tuned To The Avengers

There’s a new book out, just in time for Christmas, that Avengers fans will love!
The hardback book has been produced by Avengers fan Mark Witherspoon, and features the best articles from the official 80s and 90s fanzines ‘Stay Tuned’ and ‘On Target’.
Working with the original author of the fanzines, Dave Rogers, Mark has produced a 244-page collection of the best bits from the cult TV show’s fanzines.
Proceeds will be donated to us – more than £500 was raised in the first week!

If you’d like to buy the book, here are the details:

Monthly draw
This is a fantastic present – because it will keep on giving all year round!
Join our monthly draw and you could win £50 each month!

  • Stocking filler
  • Staff gift
  • Client present
  • Charity donation

£24 per number for 12 months.

£6 per number for 3 months, with a commitment to make four monthly payments.

£2 per number. A minimum commitment of 5 numbers per month is required, with a commitment to make 12 monthly payments.

Sign up here:

Online shopping
If you’re shopping online this year, you can support us in a couple of ways.
Both require a quick, easy and free sign-up, so that every time you shop online, a donation will be made from the retailer – at no extra cost to you.
It’s a source of income that costs us nothing and requires no effort – and our supporters have raised hundreds for us so far!

Give As You Live
Amazon Smile


Christmas cards
If you’d rather make a charity donation than send Christmas cards this year, we would very much like to be your first choice!
Donate a little or a lot – your help is appreciated.
Let your friends, family, clients and customers know where the donation has gone and you’ll help us to spread our name further too…and maybe reach a bereaved child who needs our help.


Christmas lights
If you’re lighting up your front garden with a fabulous display, we would also appreciate anything raised from generous admirers too!
Your donation will be very welcome and also the awareness of the charity you will create too!


We’re always very thankful for our corporate supporters, who support us throughout the year with donations, fundraising events, gifting raffle prizes, making us their charity of the year and helping us to raise our profile to the people who need to know about us.
We’d love to be your Charity of the Year for 2022 with either small donations or large ones; we know it’s a tough world at the moment but any help you can give is very much appreciated.


If you want a quick way to support us, just hit the link below and send us a donation!
It’s as easy as that and you’ll help us to provide our vital services in the months to come.



Join us at an event
We hold a number of events throughout the year – online and face to face, so keep an eye on our social media and website news page to find out what we’ve got planned!
Come along, bring friends, family, make a work outing out of it – we’d love to see you!

Share our name
The most valuable thing you can do for us is to make sure that people know about us, so we can give the right support to bereaved children and their families when they need it the most.
Everything we do is for the children we support, so please do keep mentioning us, sharing or social media and telling people what we do.

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