How to make the last Christmas with a loved one special

Christmas isn’t the most wonderful time of the year for everyone, especially if a bereavement is expected.

At Holding On Letting Go we understand that it is an incredibly difficult and painful time for families facing the possible loss of a loved one over the festive time.

When TV ads are encouraging everyone to have the ‘best time ever!’- in reality, some families are dreading it. It could be the last Christmas with their loved one.

Many people have told us that they wished they had the opportunity to talk and plan a different type of last Christmas with their loved one.

We would like to share these simple ideas with you if you are expecting a bereavement around Christmas – or any other significant time.

Communicate – about what you would like to do.

Heart to heart – be brave and honest with each other.

Remember – every day is precious, so try and focus on what is important to our family.

Imagination – think outside the box…look at what is achievable. Running a marathon, probably not, but a walk in the park can be.

Share – ideas and make memories.

Think – about how you would like to remember this time.

Make – something so that you have something to keep after the death.

Ask- when and how your loved ones want to celebrate Christmas.

Sooner – bring Christmas forward if needed to make sure it can be enjoyed by all of you.

We would urge you to consider making videos, voice recordings, taking photos and capturing the person’s handwriting.

These will all help to show the special and distinctive unique style of your loved one.

Ask us for more support if you need it – we are here to help your child if your family is facing a bereavement and can also help if you have previously experienced bereavement too.