Ella (age 13)

Ella (age 13) lives with her Grandmother who is her legal guardian. Recently her father has been released from prison and lives with them. Ella rarely sees her mother, who has substance abuse issues, or her younger sister. She has experienced multiple bereavements in the past three years including an aunt and a cousin who were both young at the time of their death. Ella had been self-harming and truanting from school. She had become withdrawn and isolated from her friends. She reported that having been bullied herself she had turned into a bully and she felt she was a horrible person. Ella attended the January 2016 weekend. The follow-up visit took place early in April. Ella is now back in school and we are working with the student support worker to find an art therapist who can continue some 1:1 support for Ella. She reported that she thinks about self harming far less often, feels less isolated and is getting on better with her friends.


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