Corporate Support

We welcome businesses looking for a charity support, to choose us, because at the same time as raising money for us, they are raising our profile too, telling people about us who might need us.

Your donations will make a real impact for children across Kent and South East London – your employees, customers, communities and networks will know that you support a small, local charity that makes a huge difference to the lives of bereaved children.

We’d welcome a chat with you about your charitable objectives and to find a way to help you meet them.

There are lots of ways your business can support us, including:

  • Hosting an event

  • Sponsoring one of our events

  • Coming to one of our events

  • Donate/sponsor a prize

  • KM Charity Team Challenges

  • Making us your charity of the year

  • Making a donation

  • Matched giving – match what your employees raise

  • Sharing our news with your audiences to raise our profile