Coronavirus: We’re still here for those who need us

A note from our CEO, Caroline Ford:
“Holding On Letting Go has revised how we provide services to the families we help and support.

“The main thing to know, is that our services will not be cut at all – simply delivered in a different way, to make sure families are supported through bereavement with the best advice and care.
Our priority is always the bereaved children we support, but aligned to this now, is following government advice to prevent the spread of COVID19.
Social distancing and self-isolating are the two main Government requests for the nation, to prevent the spread of the virus and ultimately, reduce the number of deaths as a result.
Please continue to self-refer and refer children or families you know that need our help. What we offer hasn’t changed – just the way we offer it and we know that face to face contact is the best way to see our families but with this not being possible, we will be in touch in the best way for them instead.
Thank you to all of our families who are already supporting our changes and thank you in advance to everyone else who will do so in the future.”

Here is how we can support our current families and new ones too – referrals can still be made by families themselves, or others involved with their care and support.

Bereavement support weekends – children
We have cancelled the April weekend and will cancel any further ones according to Government advice, guidelines and restrictions.
These weekends cannot be held virtually, because of the resources we use including musical instruments and craft materials, and because a ‘virtual cuddle’ is not appropriate for a child experiencing the enormous feelings that talking about their bereavement can bring out.
The weekends are designed for children to come to away from their parents and running them virtually would not be appropriate.
One-to-one support is still available to all children, so do get in touch so we can speak with you, tell you about other services and resources and do our best to give you what they need without physical contact.
If you are booked onto a bereavement weekend, we will contact you to update you.

Bereavement support weekends – adults
Parents also receive support at our weekends and this will continue via video or telephone calls. Parents usually have the chance to meet others at the weekends, so unfortunately, this side of our service won’t be available.

Family visits
All home visits have now been cancelled but video calls and telephone calls will still be available to all who need us.
If you have a home visit booked, we will be in touch to arrange a video appointment.
If you are referring yourself or someone else, please do so via the website, email or telephone and we will contact you as we did before, but our first ‘visit’ will be via video.
Older children should be Ok for these calls, but we know that younger children with a lower concentration span may struggle – but please don’t worry. We will work with you, perhaps in a series of short calls rather than a longer one to ensure you have the support you need.

All of our face to face workshops have been cancelled. People booked onto them will be contacted and offered alternative support to ensure they have the help they need, can ask questions and still have information about how to help their bereaved child.

All of our own events have been cancelled, (with plans to reschedule) for the foreseeable future, events put on by our fundraisers have been cancelled or plans made to hold them at a later date and we are contacting people who were taking part in events for us such as the London Marathon.
HOLG receives no Government funding – we rely solely on donations and grants, so we are ow looking at online fundraising ideas and options, which we will post details of on the website and on our socials too.

All staff are being asked to work from home, so that our offices are not a risk of infection to anyone. All can be contacted in the usual way – via email and phone, as calls will be diverted.

Coronavirus deaths
If someone in your child’s life dies from Coronavirus, we are here to support them and you through bereavement.
Please do contact us via the website, email or telephone to ask for our help.

How to contact us:
You can find all the ways to contact us here

We are also putting out useful information on our social media timelines too.