Children in Need and how it helps HOLG

BBC Children in Need provides vital funding to HOLG, by funding our Programme Manager role.
Debbie McSwiney stepped into the role two years ago to make sure that all we do for our children and families is researched, planned, run and evaluated.

HOLG was originally set-up to provide bereavement support for children aged 6-16 and this is still the main focus of what we do, at our bereavement support weekends.
They’re non-residential and allow around 20 children each time, to learn how to hold onto precious memories and let go of the pain associated with their loved one’s death.
Workshops, music, craft, talking, group work, individual work and lots of caring support mean our children leave the weekend with a way of coping, a new way of thinking and often as ‘a different child’ – their parents tell us afterward, having had the chance to explore their feelings and understand them.

What the Programme Manager does
Debbie’s role involves co-ordinating the weekends to make sure the families who need our help are aware and invited, that all the sessions are planned and run and that all is in place for them to be effective for the children.
But is doesn’t stop there!

Her role also involves:
? Pilot work for new projects
?Making sure support literature is updated and useful
? Online information is correct
? Staff training
? Volunteer training
? Families are visited quickly after getting in touch
? Co-ordinating training at schools, colleges and other organisations for young people when a death is sudden or imminent
? Expanding our services and designing the new frameworks for them

Debbie said: “It’s a busy role which is different every day but so rewarding when you see the difference it makes to the families we support.
“I’m very proud to be working with Holding On Letting Go, working closely with the families that my role is designed to offer support to.
“Children In Need is a huge fundraiser and it’s important for people to know that when they donate, their money does end up supporting their local community -which for us spans the whole of Kent.”

Here’s how you can donate to Children in Need.

If you need our help, please contact us.