Ascot Group chooses HOLG as its Charity of the Year

Thank you to Ascot, which has chosen Holding On Letting Go as their charity of the year.

We were chosen by the London-based insurance company’s charity committee after members put forward their suggestions and asked the staff to vote.

The committee member who suggested us, knew about our work after a family member was supported by us after a bereavement.

They will be enjoying various fundraising over the next two years to help support our bereavement support work – walks and bake sales are already being discussed!

HOLG CEO Caroline Ford, said: “Corporate support is so crucial to us – and is a great idea within an organisation.

“It allows teams to have some fun, whilst at the same time, raising money for us – we don’t get any government funding, so all of our donations are precious.

“It also means that more people find out about what we offer – which means that a family who didn’t previously know about us, could potentially find the support they need through bereavement.

“Thank you Ascot, good luck and have fun!”

Ascot Group has chosen HOLG as its charity of the year.